The World’s Educational Development Consulting Gateway

Britannia Educational Consulting Limited is a British leader in Education Reform and School Improvement Consultancy. We offer our advisory and consultancy services to regional, state and national government ministry of education across the world. In recent years, we have predominantly received invitations to run a number of projects worth multi-million USD, especially in Europe and Asia. Presently, we are researching new markets in Africa and some promising projects are underway. With respect to a huge surge in demand for our school improvement service by the private education sector, especially outside the United Kingdom, we have also gained extensive experience in working with a number of private schools outside the UK under the Public Private Partnership projects. Our advisory service has responsibility for monitoring and evaluating the quality of education provided for children and youngster in countries where we work. It also works with schools to improve the quality of education provided and standards achieved by the students. Our advisory service has developed various initiatives to improve education standards in response to local, regional and national priorities.

In our current Education Improvement Projects, we appoint a project Director who leads the advisory service in any region of the country in which we operate, and he/she is supported by some Deputy Directors. The project Director liaises directly with the Ministry of Education in the respective countries or the Education Authority in the region where we work. In schools, each school is assigned a leadership adviser who oversees the work of our advisory team within the school. The advisory team within each school supports the school leadership team and teachers in implementing and monitoring the standards agreed with the ministry of education. We refer to the agreed standards as Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Our school and college inspection teams lead in monitoring and evaluating schools. All our School Inspection Projects have been funded by central government via their education department or ministry of education. The education department funds these from the budget it retains centrally. We provide colleges and schools with post-inspection support and work with schools and colleges to improve their efficiency and effectiveness by providing them with the tool and strategies needed to effect strong and sustainable leadership. We concentrate on raising standards of attainment through, for example, improved leadership and management. Our advisers work closely with colleges and schools to develop college/school leadership teams and disseminate good practice in leadership and teaching and learning.

Our adult education service has responsibility for providing a range of courses for post-16 students. We also run the “Universities Foundation Gateway Programme”, which is a one-year programme preparing students for entry into university courses. Further, we also run a “Universities Placement Programme”. Upon completion of the one-year Universities Placement programme, we assist our students in securing university placements in universities of their choices across Europe, America, Canada and Australia. In addition, we provide adult life-long skills programme which helps participants develop essential life skills and prepare them for better job opportunities. This programme includes a menu of training courses with workshops for participants. All participants who successfully complete the course are awarded certificates of achievements. Our advisory service has also developed a number of special projects aimed at engaging learners who have not participated in education or training for some time.